Black Diamond Ring - A Unique Spin On A Woman's Favorite Jewelry Piece

Black Diamond Ring - A Unique Spin On A Woman's Favorite Jewelry Piece

by Jamie Renee


Diamonds are forever and a black diamond ring is the new forever gift. Recent wearing of the black gems by celebrities has brought them into the public view and made them an increasingly desirable item.

Most people are unaware, but there are two types of black diamonds. The first kind contains graphite which gives it its black coloring. It is something that occurs naturally, making it extremely rare; this natural type of black diamond is also a bit more fragile than their white cousins. Then the other type is one that has been given a bit of an enhancement to make the diamond black. These are a bit more durable than the natural kind.

Diamonds have been mined for centuries and those that are colored have increased in value more than their colorless counterparts. If you are shopping for a natural black diamond ring consider buying a black solitaire style. This will bring enjoyment now as well as increased value for the future. The choice of a matching band for a woman and a mens ring would be stunning anniversary gifts. The preciousness of the stones can be related to the preciousness of the relationship!

Colors do vary between natural and enhanced varieties. Not all irradiated stones are the same and not all natural stones are the same. When choosing a setting for your stone, have them set lightly in it to test it out first and see which you like most. You can easily accent your black diamond ring with some clear diamonds. Pick a setting that complements the stones. A titanium or white gold setting will set off the black beauties. If you enjoy a traditional look try it with yellow gold.

Even though diamonds are generally very strong stones you should still treat them gently. When you store them wrap them in a sot cloth. They can scratch each other as well as additional jewelry they come in contact with. Consider investing in a jewelry roll or a separate ring box for your black diamond ring. Cleaning should be done with care. If necessary, have the cleaning done by a professional, because if you accidentally use sonic cleaner, your black stone will turn into nothing but chips and pieces.

A black diamond ring is truly a thing of beauty and a lasting forever gift. With the proper care it will be an heirloom to pass on to future generations. It makes a lovely fashion statement and is a unique jewelry item to enjoy.

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