How To
                Cleanse Crystals

How To Cleanse Crystals

by Isabelle Morton


Interest in crystals and crystal clusters for healing and uplifting the vibrations of rooms came back into vogue a few decades ago. Indeed, healing stones have extensive abilities, as long as they are properly cared for. No matter their individual benefits, all crystals release unwanted energies from a patient's body and aura during a therapy session. As time progresses, these unwanted energies can collect on the crystals' surface and gather in their energy field. Just like clutter on a desk can get in the way of your ability to get anything done, the unwanted energies that crystals can collect prevent them from doing their best work.

If you use crystal clusters in your home or office to help keep the room's atmosphere clear and uplifted, cleanse the crystals every time you dust, or about once every week or two. This will allow them to work at their best. Healing crystals should be cleansed after every treatment session in which you use them. If you do not cleanse your crystals as suggested, three consequences may occur. First, negative energies that the healing crystals pick up could be transmitted to the next person who receives the treatment. Second, you as the practitioner may unconsciously pick up these energies. Finally, the crystal may continue to absorb the unwanted energies, which will further cloud the crystal, making it less effective as a healing tool.

The good news is that it is easy to cleanse crystals. First, use water to cleanse their surfaces and remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated there. If your tap water is untreated and free of chlorine, use your faucet. Apply some liquid detergent on an old toothbrush, and scrub the crystal surfaces. Rinse under the running water.

Occasionally, switch the water temperature between hot and cold. The soap will work to remove collected dirt and dust from the crystals. During therapeutic use, crystals collect unwanted energies. The motion of the running water will help remedy this problem. If crystal clusters are used to uplift the vibrations of rooms, they will also gather unwanted energies, and the running water will help with this also. Use a pitcher of purified water instead of tap water if your faucet runs on treated or chlorinated water. The process is the same as mentioned before. Use your soapy toothbrush, but rather than tap water, pour water from the pitcher over your crystals.

Once the crystals are physically cleansed, you can also clear their energy field using GEMFormulas Energy Clearing Cleansing Spray. This will eliminate unwanted energies that the energy field may have picked up.

The limitation of the running water method is its inability to clear electromagnetic radiation that the crystals naturally pick up from environments with high electromagnetic fields or the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that they may remove from the body during a therapy session. To clear EMR, spray the crystals with GEMFormulas EMR Protection Clearing Spray, which was specially designed for this purpose.

Next, spray your crystals with the Diamond Healing Rejuvenating Spray. This will clear accumulated energy from the crystals' blueprints to bring forward information about their true purpose. You as the practitioner can intuitively decide the distance from the crystals to hold the spray, and also at what angle. The spray will become increasingly effective as your customization becomes more creative.

Using GEMFormulas sprays following a soap and water bath on your crystals will leave them energetically cleansed, and allow their maximum healing potential to shine through.

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