How To Pick Pearl Earrings

How To Pick Pearl Earrings

by Alexa Wyrdstone


Pearl earrings are an incredible piece of jewelery for a lot of different reasons. They can be both elegant and understated at once. Unlike most pieces of fine jewelery they are beautiful but don't draw pretentious attention to themselves. They fit any wardrobe and look good with any woman's face.

There are many things that should be considered before buying pearl earrings. The first thing, is you should consider shopping online. Jewelery in general is much cheaper on the internet and you also are given much more variety.

Other than the price, the main thing you need to think about when buying a pearl earring is the quality of the stone you are getting. There are different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and lusters that pearls can carry. It is important to understand all of these.

There are three shapes that pearls can come in. These are round, drop, and baroque. Baroque pearls are arguably the most interesting because they have incredibly abstract or irregular shapes. These aren't like the ones you see every day. The other two are round, which is spherical like your would expect, and drop which are usually shaped like ovals or buttons.

Like most gemstones, they are more expensive as they get bigger-generally speaking. The average pearl you might find on a pair of earrings will be six to seven millimeters in circumference.

While most you see are white, they can actually come in a lot of different colors. The most common colors are white, green, gold, blue and black. The color mostly depends on the type of oyster or mollusk that produced them.

Texture is also very important on a pearl. You will always have minor irregularities because none of them are perfect. You will often see things like bumps and spots, these aren't desirable by any means, but you shouldn't be that worried by them as long as the earrings are still beautiful. What you should avoid however, is gaps, chips, and cracks. These are considered severe irregularities.

A pearl's luster is also very important but this is much easier to measure. You just need to ask yourself is this pearl beautiful? Does it have a nice deep shine and reflect the light around you beautifully, or does it look dull and cloudy.

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