Releasing The Power Of Clear Crystal For Healing Work, Meditation, Protection, Manifesting And Channelling

by Stephen Richards

   April 11, 2010  

Crystal Healing:

Releasing The Power Of Clear Crystal For Healing Work, Meditation, Protection, Manifesting And Channelling

A quartz crystal definitely has the power to bring many positive changes in you. To get the full benefits of a quartz crystal you should first cleanse it with water as it is an all around cleanser.

Spring water, lake water, and filtered water can also work well, as long as the water is either directly from nature or clean (filtered properly.) Some people also add salt to their water, because of its electric properties.

The cleansing can be done by just washing the crystal in water or you can keep it submerged in a beaker of water and place it so that it gets brilliant sunlight over it. Usually a south facing window can be used to get the required amount of sunlight.

The cleansing and the charging up need not be done in sunlight alone. Moonlight can also be used. Direct moonlight can be used while some do the rinsing and charging only on a full moon, as the magnetic forces between the earth and moon are the maximum at that time.

The various advantages of owning a quartz crystal are:

* Used to improve mental & physical stamina.

* Effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression, bone ailments and gastrointestinal troubles.

* For enhancing the psychic vision, the quartz held on the third eye chakra will work wonders.

* The thought process gets more focussed and enhanced along with the purpose of the conscious mind. This is due to the fact that thoughts are nothing but energy forms while the purposes give structure to the thoughts.

* Processes like meditation, protection, healing, manifestation and channelling are done more effectively.

* Crystals emit vibrations that affect the wearer's body. Certain specific varieties are believed to have positive effects when utilized on particular energy centres (chakras) of the body, much like deep therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

Mental benefits: calms and quiets the mind; power to invoke tolerance of others; overcomes judgmentalism; encourages taking responsibility for oneself; creates a personality that is upright, persistent and dynamic; can break old self-defeating programs; calms the mind and removes extraneous thought; filters information reaching the brain and clarifies perception; sharpens intellect and clears up confusion.

Emotional wellbeing: Gives a sense of valour, diminishes stress, augments serenity to responsive persons, strengthens those bogged down by responsibility, breaks down communication barriers, and enhances articulacy. It gives you the power to acknowledge the emotional state you are in, enabling you to understand your mind better and wards away any apprehension you may feel.

Physical wellbeing: Has a tremendous effect on the pituitary and thyroid glands, and any swollen glands or sore throat is reduced markedly. Overall growth is regulated and the cleansing organs are made more efficient. Acts on the eye and treats both long and short sightedness. The jaws, teeth and the stomach too are made to function more effectively. Enhances the immunity and treats autoimmune disorders.

Spiritual wellbeing: The quartz crystal possesses the power to aid in completing unfinished ends, helps to finish a task on all planes, heightens compassion, improves instinct and aids in better meditation. There is a superior sense of awareness and spiritual realization and the tendency to be of help to others is augmented. It protects the aura surrounding us and keeps the chakras in line and aids in communication with a higher level, keeping both the physical and spiritual part in accordance.

Environmental health: The surroundings are kept in perfect synchrony and free from any harmful contaminants. Being able to become one with the cosmic consciousness is the main purpose of our existence and this is aided by the increased vibratory signals we radiate on the physical plane.

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