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With Crystalline Transmission, Katrina Raphaell moves deeper into the metaphysical and spiritual realm of crystal consciousness and healing. She describes how we as human beings can develop the full spectrum color ray bodies and become clear as the crystals. The crystals themselves serve as our tools and teachers, showing us how to manifest a perfected (crystalline) form and aligning ourselves with the perfect cosmic geometric grid of light (also a crystalline structure), thus transforming the frequency at which we resonate. With an emphasis on planetary peace, specific information is provided to assist individuals in stabilizing their personal identity in alignment with their inner truth truth, thereby helping to establish and anchor them at a higher state of being. Introduced are crystals that facilitate this process, the final six Master Crystals.

Other topics of Crystalline Transmission include: Tantric crystal layouts for couples; Specific stones and layouts for AIDS; Crystals facilitating the activation of new Chakra centers; Crystals and stones to protect against radiation; Stones and crystals for the new human root race being birthed on the Earth; The crystal cosmic alphabet; Information on many new stones and crystals to serve humankind in the coming times.

Katrina Raphaell, author of Crystalline Transmission, is a world leading pioneer on crystal healing. Her books on crystal healing are must-have classics that will never be old or outdated, since they deal with an ancient and timeless art. Her three books are Crystal Enlightenment (1985), Crystal Healing (1987) and The Crystalline Transmission (1990).


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