Physical And Spiritual Benefits Of Quartz Crystal

by Stephen Richards

   April 9, 2010  

Crystal Healing:

Physical And Spiritual Benefits Of Quartz Crystal

The beneficial qualities exhibited by a quartz crystal are numerous. If you want to enjoy these qualities totally you have to cleanse the quartz before using it in water generally as it is an ideal universal agent for this purpose.

Though spring water, filtered or lake water can be used, if you can get ocean water it is the best cleanser. You can also add salt to the water you use as it has electrical qualities that aid in the cleansing.
You can simply rinse the crystal in water, or you can follow up by placing the crystal in a clear glass filled with water. Place the glass on your windowsill, ideally facing the south, to charge in the sun.

The moon can also be used for cleansing and charging. Some people make a ritual of burying their crystal under a full moon, to take advantage of the magnetic forces of the moon in combination with the earth. You may also place your crystal in the direct light of the moon.

Here are the wide ranging benefits you get by using a quartz crystal:

* Both mental as well as physical strength has been found to become markedly improved.

* Effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression, bone ailments and gastrointestinal troubles.

* Quartz is held on the third eye chakra for increased clarity of psychic vision.

* The quartz has the ability to focus our thoughts and purposes, and augment them also. The thoughts act as an energy form while the purpose helps to give structure and force to the energy.

* It is useful for healing work, meditation, protection, manifesting and channelling.

* The vibrations from the crystal have profound effect on the person who wears them. Similar to acupuncture or therapeutic massage, the crystal acts on the specific energy points called 'chakras'.

Mental health: Soothes the mind considerably, increases tolerance levels and helps to fight off criticism in us. The sense of owning moral responsibility for our actions and a straight character which is dependable and powerful is made possible by the crystal. Abolishes self doubts altogether, gives a tranquil mind, helps take a proper perspective of things and enhances intelligence and wards off any feeling of uncertainty.

Emotional wellbeing: Gives a sense of valour, diminishes stress, augments serenity to responsive persons, strengthens those bogged down by responsibility, breaks down communication barriers, and enhances articulacy. It gives you the power to acknowledge the emotional state you are in, enabling you to understand your mind better and wards away any apprehension you may feel.

Physical wellbeing: Has a tremendous effect on the pituitary and thyroid glands, and any swollen glands or sore throat is reduced markedly. Overall growth is regulated and the cleansing organs are made more efficient. Acts on the eye and treats both long and short sightedness. The jaws, teeth and the stomach too are made to function more effectively. Enhances the immunity and treats autoimmune disorders.

Spiritual benefits: ability to bring unfinished business to a conclusion; useful for closure on all levels; increases sensitivity; sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance; wonderful for meditation, it invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness and encourages service to humanity; shields the aura and aligns the chakras; brings communication from a higher plane; aligns the physical and spiritual bodies;

Environmental health: The surroundings are kept in perfect synchrony and free from any harmful contaminants. Being able to become one with the cosmic consciousness is the main purpose of our existence and this is aided by the increased vibratory signals we radiate on the physical plane.

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