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The Crystal Bible Book Review:

The Crystal Bible is an excellent identification guide to stones for crystal healing with beautiful illustrations and identifying descriptions to possible variations in shape and color. It's one of the best reference books on the market for crystal lovers, experienced ones as well as beginners.

All major stones that are readily available on the crystal market are described in The Crystal Bible, as well as many more rare stones and some only recently discovered. Information on appearance, attributes, energetic and healing properties, and geographical origin is presented about each stone. The books format makes it very easy to use for finding and identifying unknown stones.

The Crystal Bible also includes a cross-referencing index to stones and ailments / issues, a feature which adds tremendous value and usefulness to this book.

About the Author of The Crystal Bible:

Judy Hall lives in Edmondsham, England. She has worked with crystal healing and divination for close to 30 years. Judy Hall is a best-selling author with 18 published books, which in addition to The Crystal Bible include Crystal Prescriptions, The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Crystal User's Handbook, The Illustrated Guide To Crystals, The Zodiac Pack, The Illustrated Guide to Astrology and The Art of Psychic Protection.


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